Privacy Policy

Hi! We are very happy that you are visiting our site and reading this document. We will tell you how we process personal data and tell you about our cookie policy.

The administrator of your personal data is MMSE MichaƂ Karbowiak (ul. Polna 15 42-700 Lubliniec, Poland). We provide detailed information on the processing of personal data in our privacy notice. Please read these documents, if you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected] The security and privacy of personal data are extremely important, especially for the services we provide.

Due to the fact that you use our service, we collect your personal data such as your name, surname, name of your company, correspondence address, email address, telephone number. In some cases, the scope of this data may be wider, but then we will inform you via our information clause. We assure you that we collect only the necessary information, but also we can obtain certain data directly from you, e.g. in connection with your correspondence with us.

If you agree to receive commercial information in the form of a newsletter, we will also process data related to this consent - until its withdrawal and then up to 3 months after its withdrawal (for the purpose of defense against any complaints, claims).

We process your data in accordance with the principles of confidentiality and security. This also applies after termination of the contract. Due to legal requirements, we also need to keep certain information after the contract. This period is 6 years. After this time, we will delete your data and at the same time ensure that we will not use it for other purposes.

Our servers are located in the European Union. We will not transfer your personal data to third countries (i.e. entities that are based outside the EU). At the same time, we confirm that we have concluded appropriate contracts with entities that provide services to us and therefore may have access to your data. Such entities can be companies providing IT support, accounting and accounting companies.

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