Cookies Policy

As part of our site, we also use cookies. In this document we will tell you how we do it.

Cookies are small text files that are saved on the device you use, e.g. smartphone, laptop. First of all, they ensure the proper functioning of our website and thus are necessary and support the provision of the service that you use. Cookies are, among others used to ensure the stability of your login session.

As befits cakes, we can distinguish many types. Below are the ones we use:

  • necessary cookies - disabling them may cause difficulties in using our platform. They remember, for example, the username, i.e. the login you use when logging in to our website.
  • session cookies - they ensure stable session maintenance, i.e. exchange of information between our server and browser. They ensure correct page display.
  • marketing cookies - these files support marketing campaigns

You can disable cookies by setting your browser accordingly. Depending on your browser, use the appropriate instruction:

Still hungry for cookies knowledge? We are happy to answer your questions. To do this, write to us at [email protected] The privacy and security of your data is very important to us, so if you have questions related to this topic - let us know!

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